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Brian Dunlap
- The University of North Carolina at Greensboro / Bachelor of Business in Business Management
- Internationally-accredited and extensive 120-hour TEFL certificate to be awarded
- Gliwice 2009-2010 - Owner / Director of Studies / English Language Teacher
- Gliwice,2005-2009 - Senior / Head Teacher

* SPECIALTIES : Business / Sport(Football)
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-Certificates: TESOL, TESOL Tutor, Classroom Communication and Public Speaking
-Job-related skills Excellent communication skills, developed through working in various countries with people of different backgrounds and age groups.
Ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of clients and colleagues, by showing interest, carefully listening to needs and appropriately adjusting my message, as demonstrated during my work as an interpreter.
Highly critical thinker with effective researching skills proven through work experience in legal and medical translation.
Strong presentation skills and confidence demonstrated by experience of interpreting to audiences of 2000+.
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